Saturday, July 26, 2008

The tech age

We are in the tech age... those other 40 somethings out there, who thought, we were in them in College, with our first computers...well now we have Blackberries and iPode-touches--- by the way, that do even more then we could believe a computer could do way back then.... and we (I mean me) are not high flying executives.... we are Moms who need to keep up to date and keep in touch with our friends, our groups, our high tech husbands and even higher tech kids.... You know your behind the times when Martha Stewart has a MY Space and you don't know what the heck she is talking about.... but I can make a biscotti that would make a nice Italian grandmother cry.... I will share later. Maybe I will get a handle on these gadgets that only those techno guys could dream up....

My son turned 12 today -omg - as they say.... we were just coming home from the hospital two days after he was born and I thought .... 'I don't know what the heck I am doing with a baby' 'Someone must know and they are going to stop us and take him ...' well of course they never did and we celebrated big with his first birthday..."Yippee - he is still alive -- we didn't kill him" sounds morbid but really if you ever brought home a new baby and had never been with a newborn, you know what I am talking about...big celebration big we gave him a sister.... OK we started celebrating a few months earlier and he had a sister when he was 18months.... and then another when he was 3 and 1/2.... we knew we where out numbered and put on "brakes".... But we celebrate every milestone with the same thought --well, it has changes a little -- "OK we are all still here - know one has come and taken any of us way :-) "

But though the tech stuff has changed -- some things stay the same... My son is just like his dad - a smart nerd and happy to be....The girls are like me and sing and dance the whole day long and the dog still needs to be walked !!!!

Have a great day !

On a side note if you have not read or listened to the "last Lecture" by Randy Pauch -- check it out - He ended his brave fight to stay with us yesterday - he was a great lecture and a real human being - we are all better for hearing his simple message - "be a Tigger" - and much more. Thank you Randy for sharing with us!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ok, I am blogging... What does that mean???

I can't believe I am doing this. I not sure how this works.... I don't know where it goes or who reads it.... My mother (who passed away in 1996) would have been shocked. My father (who passed away in 1993) would have said "Cool... I have been doing it for years" well, you get the idea I am new to technology. Actually we got our first computer hocked to the Internet after my father died... and my mother would not touch it! So if your reading this I hope your not snoring yet...but here I am and I will give it a go... more about what I do in this world later...