Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iron pad for next to sewing machine

Yesterday my old travel ironing board ""kicked the bucket"". So I decided to make one.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

What age do you feel?

What age do you feel? Some days I feel older then dirt and then there are most days when I forget how many years have past since I was a "kid".... here are two examples that brought me to the truth of what people see...

Two weekends ago I was on a glorious weekend retreat with my quilt guild. One of my (new)friends asked me what I was working on... I said "Crib bumpers" before I could continue that they were for my friend Kelly's sister's new baby she said "oh for your grandchild!" ... I was shocked I said"my oldest is 12...so I am pretty sure I don't have any grandchildren coming anytime soon"...she said "well you could be a young grandmother!" I had to admit I could... I was 31 when my son was born and could now have, like other friends of mine, a child in their twenties.... So I guess the next experience shouldn't have taken me by such surprise but as I said I seem to not always see my self as the age I am or the age people see me...

At the grocery store today the teller was finishing up my grocery order and when he rung up my bottle of wine he asked for my ID... I provided it and the teller - a young man said "oh - your the same age as my mother"... I said oh and giggled... and looked at the young mother behind me... realizing my gray strike told my story, as her baby food in her cart told hers...I wanted to scream ..."MY OLDEST IS A TWELVE YEAR OLD"

Now possibly one thing that colors my view is that my mother was my age when I was born so I fell pretty darn young... so for people to be placing me in the category of a grandmother or a mother of an adult, simply blows my mind.

So I am old enough to have a grandchild but I don't have any and I am still young enough to have a baby but I won't be having one again but I do have 3 wonderful children who are 12 to 9 years old! and maybe one day .... a long time from now I will be a grandmother!