Monday, February 23, 2009

heavy heart and fun quilting

Last night our son came home from a ski strip. He is preteen and just beginning to find his place in our world. He had never gone skiing before (we are not skiers... farmers and quilters maybe). He went with friends from his boy scout troop. It seems that the boys didn't stay together and my son was left more then once on his own. Near the end of the day a family in the troop found him and brought him home. I am grateful. We spent the night repairing the damage to no a Val... he was beside himself. I told my son to just get a good night sleep and to take each thing as it comes . I just wanted to get him through the night and to get a good nights sleep. By this morning I was furious.My husband, who is more logical, was thinking of ways to talk to my son about the meeting that evening. In the end he relaxed during the night and during the school day and game a long way from the afternoon before. I am hopeful that much can be repaired tonight.

Meanwhile today I spend the day quilting and relieved a lot of stress by concentrating on a job of quilting a shop sample. But the whole process is good and freeing in many ways.

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